Thu Sep 4 16:44:47 EDT 1997

     In addition to the TBS-50B, C and D models, their first one
was a straight TBS-50, much like the "D" model.  Started in about
1949 (for the -B, -C and -D models, anyway). Two 6AQ5's to an 807
RF; two 6L6's plate modulators on C and D models, and as noted the
D model added the preamp for Hi Z mikes.

     My first xmtr (1957) was a "C" model.  Had Novice and Technician
at the same time, as one could do then: went on 80, 40 and 15 with my
KN9 ca call,
then would switch over 6 meters (SOLID signal), drop out the
"N" and work all the local mobile activity - then all on 6 (Spring-
field, Illinois).  I have re-acquired a C and D model over the years
and both work just fine.  Never put one on 2 since the 807 has to
double to do that...

     H-W also made the VFO to go with, an antenna tuner, and later
the R-9 ham band receiver and T-90 xmtr (6146, I think).  Don't know
of any other ham equpment they made.

     Will have mine on for upcoming "CX" - Classic Radio Exchange
contest, probably on 40 CW...

     73,  Al  N5AIT
   modsteph at acs.eku.edu

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