Tempe BA List - Time to Shut Down?

Kelley, Dave Dave_Kelley at TEMPE.GOV
Mon Sep 22 15:33:19 EDT 1997

Hi gang..

Many months ago I brought this list up as a free option to the 'pay per
post' boatanchors list....  The idea was, if people wanted to start
using a free list they had a chance to here.

Looking at the activity and double postings it's obvious that this list
is not needed and in respect for the bandwidth I'd like to shut it down.
Most who are signed up just don't want to miss anything - hence they see
it twice in 90% of the cases.  Maybe I'm wrong?

If I get strong feedback to keep it, I'll leave it up.  No feedback and
I'll bring it down.  Give it some thought before a reply.  I'll shut it
down next Monday if it's a 'don't care' situation.

Of course the Collins and Heath lists (that we host) are healthy and
have daily postings so those will remain for as long as they are needed
regardless of the BA list here.

73 all and enjoy the glow!


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