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Wed Sep 24 20:59:07 EDT 1997

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, David Harmon KD6EC wrote:

> SCN User wrote:
> >
> > I only subscribe to three reflectors and of course this is one. Suffice
> > it to say it is the reason I turn on the computer. I am a bit surprized at
> > the idea in that there are many many ops getting on just so they can see
> > the boatachors list for the day. I don't even know about "Jacks" reflector
> > and it appears that I don't think I want to either.
> >
> > 73   Pat  K7YIR
> My feeling about the reflector and usage of it is exactly the same
> as yours.
>         Regards
>                 Dave  KD6EC
>                 Torrance, Ca

OK, sorry folks for the large inclusion...

I wanted to echo my thoughts as well on the idea of having a nice *free*
reflector where the mgt. doesn't get too filled with him or herself.  I
just signed on here the other day and enjoy reading about the nifty things
folks are doing with the old gear.  The only old gear I have, for the time
being, is a couple of Gonset AM rigs on 6m and 2m, but I'm hoping to play
around some more one of these days.

OK, by two bits worth.  Have at it!


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