51J4 parts needed

Mike Sanders k0az at I1.NET
Fri Sep 26 22:27:55 EDT 1997

Greetings All, I have a 51J4 that is working thanks to W7BW but took
a few bumps from OR to MO. I am in need of some slugs for this radio.
L118, L116, L114, L110, L103, L102, and L101 are the types. I would
like to find any of these. I especially need L118 and L114 but will
take any of the above. Can anyone help?
          Also the switch for the filters is inop and only contacts
on the middle position. I have not looked at it closely but in passing.
Can anyone suggest the avenue to getting into the "can" so as to check
the switch contacts. The actuator is working on the outside of the can
ok and will switch off of the center position but nothing on the other
two. The filters are all good as you can use any of them in the center
         My friend Phil spent a lot of time bringing this one back to
life and I would like to finish up where he and ups left off.
         I may have other problems that I am not seeing right now but
would like to start with the broken/missing slugs.
                                             73, Mike K0AZ

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