Gonset Super-ceiver Manual Needed

Don Buska d.buska at AAIATE.COM
Sun Sep 28 13:23:32 EDT 1997

Well folks it looks like I'll again need a little help from my
friends.  Got my Gonset 3-30 SWL converter working in the car a
few weeks ago and have been happily listening to SW on my long
drives to and from work.  Well, this weekend (Grayslake) I
picked up the creme de la creme of their Gonset automobile
converter-receivers, the Super-ceiver.  This is a complete HF
receivers which consists of their Super-Six converter along with
an IF unit (252Kc IF) that incorporates the IF, detector, BFO
and audio amp.  Also, the DC-DC inverter is contained within the
IF unit.  Quite a setup and with all the hardware I'll have to
build some type of console box to house it in my front seat
(already have a 2M rig and the 3-30 converter taking the under
the dash space).

I hooked it all up last night to a 5VDC power supply (it's the
6VDC version) and all seems to work just fine, but it is a
little deaf on the lower bands.  Looks like I may have to do
some tube checking and other debugging to coax a little more
gain out of it, plus my tests were at a little lower voltage
than required.

So my need is to get whatever documents I can on this
Super-ceiver.  Partial help would be appreciated if you just
have information on the Super-Six portion of this unit, but sure
would like to find data and schematics for the IF as well.  I'd
be happy to pay for copy and shipping costs and do have a list
of my manuals that are available for copy trading if you desire.

Grayslake was great as usual.  Lots of BA's and BA components
there.  Didn't make it to Sundays events as I had to fill in as
Sunday school teacher today.  Oh well,  I didn't need to spend
more money anyhow.


Don N9OO

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