Found TBY-7 Transmitter/Receiver

Rick Robinson rerobins at UNCCVM.UNCC.EDU
Mon Sep 29 13:45:57 EDT 1997

Gary H. Harmon, Jr., K5JWK, writes:

>Ran across a CRI-43044 Transmitter/Receiver today.  Had the funkey antenna
>and carbon mike in the canvas bag.  No Battery pack.  Outside about a 7,
>inside a 9+.  Also had the conversion instructions.  Any idea of value
>and/or demand?

One of my high school friends ran one back in the mid '60s on 6 meter AM
when I was running my Sixer. It is a handsome rig and I was always envious
of it.  I would bet the mike, antenna and canvas bag are harder to come by
than the rig itself.  Most folks probably tossed all of those. Those seem
to be like matching speakers for receivers, you'll pay as much for an
accessory as you do for the rig.  Sounds like you've got a real gem there.
Lots of WW2 collectors are getting into radio gear now, so I'm sure the
value would be more than for just the bare rig.

I have the Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol. 1 which has the TBY in it
if you need more info.  The photo in the SRCM shows a mike/headphone combo
and what might be a key mounted to the right front top opposite the

Gary can be the radioman next time we play army.

"Checkmate King 2 this is Whiterook, over."


Rick kf4ar

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