OMEGA: How to remove a *really* big antenna system

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Tue Sep 30 22:21:38 EDT 1997

With regard to OMEGA going QRT, enclosed below is a copy of an
article I sent to the newsgroups in August.
I received many interesting "solutions" to the posed problem.
Now I'll let you folks discuss this exercise the State of Hawaii
faces in removing this BA-sized antenna.
73, Jeff KH2PZ

> With the ceasation of the VLF OMEGA navigation radio transmitter here
> on Oahu, the State of Hawaii is confronted with the task of having to
> remove this extraordinary wire antenna system. The antenna consists of
> six 1 1/4 inch cables, each 7,500 feet in length, stretched between two
> ridge tops, with a valley 2,500 feet below. Each cable weighs 30,000 pounds.
> The new H-3 freeway runs through the valley floor.
> The state is considering two methods of removal:
> 1. Explosive charges would be placed by helicopter off the center of
> each cable which would cut each cable in such a way that no damage
> would occure to the freeway 2,500 feet below. The cables would then
> be cut up and hauled away (no easy task since the valley floor is
> a dense rain forest). The state does not favor this method.
> 2. A winch would be attached to each cable anchor and each cable would
> be slowly lowered to the valley floor. This method is supposed to be
> cheaper and less harmful to the forest below. A thick rubber mat would
> be placed over the freeway to prevent damage. The cables would then
> be cut up and hauled away.
> An event of this magnitude is apparently so rare that there are no
> fixed ideas as to how to proceed. If any of you would like to contribute
> your thoughts, email me (or post them on here) and I'll forward them
> to the the state engineers heading this task.
> Jeff KH2PZ / KH6

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