FS: Signal Generator SG-24/TRM-3

Edward Greeley etgreeley at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Apr 8 22:41:34 EDT 1998

Hello all,

Thought I'd try these forums (fora?) before listing the unit on eBay.

The SG-24 is a rather impressive looking, all vacuum tube, '50s vintage,
Navy general purpose RF signal generator. Has built-in 5" CRT for
viewing bandpass of the unit under test. Covers 15-400 MHz in six bands.
Automatically levelled output into a calibrated attenuator with a range
of 0.1 uv to 100,000 uv into a 50 ohm load. Modes of operation are CW,
AM @ 400 Hz 0-50% modulation, and FM sweep. In FM mode, sweep width is
variable from +/- 2% to +/- 20% of center freq. Has built-in markers ar
0.2, 1.0, 5.0, and 20.0 MHz. All functions work although the CRT retrace
blanking could be better. Comes in its CY-1941 transit case, but no
manual or test leads; manual available from Fair Radio Sales. I'm
selling it because I have two of them, which is one more than I need!

Dimensions of transit case are 18.5"x20"x21", and the weight is approx.
100 pounds. Asking $75.00 plus shipping from Mobile, AL 36605.

Thanks for reading, and e-mail me if you have questions.

Ed Greeley
Mobile, AL

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