390A, etc. manuals in .pdf format, any interest?

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Mon Apr 27 22:32:55 EDT 1998

Been playing with Adobe Acrobat, and for fun have scanned a couple
manuals -- the manual for the CV-591A, and TM 11-856A for the R-390A
( except for the full schematic, which I will do eventually ).

The CV-591A is 1.6 megs and the R-390A ( when finished )
will be a disk crushing 50 megs more or less.

These files are bookmarked and fully text-searchable. The 390A
manual includes high resolution halftone photos from the manual
for readability.

Will take requests as to what to scan next -- I have a photocopy
of the 390 non-A, originals of the PRC-47, GRR-5 set, GRC-19,
and a few more.

These are available via email as an attachment if anyone is interested.
Dont have a site to put these, especially the large R-390A manual.


Tom Norris KA4RKT
badger at telalink.net

NOTE: These are in no way connected with or meant to compete with
the CD's available from Radio Era Archives. These are fresh scans
of the government manuals or copies thereof.

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