CW xcvrs, continued

Hue Miller Kargokult at AOL.COM
Sun Aug 2 15:11:28 EDT 1998

now that the brain has cleared some elementary tasks
from the que, it can work on that forgotten manufacturer
name.....and the name is Guthman. this company made
some nice looking SW receivers, the style with the large
silvered dial wheel out front like early Halliscratchers sx-17
etc.    their CW trans-rec, i have only seen the ad appearing
in maybe 2 issues, and it maybe that it was in the swell
westcoast Radio magazine, not in QST.

btw, what are the parameters for the equipment in the
"vacuum tube receivers" book? ( which i do not own.)
i have a manual for a Hallicrafters  "FCC special receiver"
MSR-202  ( SX-28 plus SSB demodulator, WW2 ), and
maybe this is the only?? manual in existance. would this
fit the scope of that book?
tnx, hue


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