Mon Aug 3 12:08:23 EDT 1998

        As for replacing the germanium trannies with silicon ones......this
be quite a piddley job!
        The HRO-500, although appearing to be a typical, hand wired old time
"boat anchor", is a very complex piece of gear.  I have repaired and aligned
many of them when they were popular on Norwegian ships.  They can be a real
pain in the butt to deal with, and alignment of the "Wadley loop" can be very
touchy and critical.  As with most "new" innovative things, the "first" of
something usually has some built-in flaws that can be difficult to deal with!
        If you are not a very experienced technician, I'd urge anyone with
an HRO-500 *not* to "piddle" with it.  It is worlds different from your average
tube "BA" set!  Quite a few of the "transitional" receivers fall into the same
category:  Redifon R-408, Mackay 3010, Plessey PL-155 all come to mind.
The Redifon and Plessey both use early PLL circuitry and the Mackay has
a strange 1st IF that is hard to properly align.
        Mackay had the 3020 digital receiver that was an excellent set, but
could be a bear to work on, even if you had all the plug-in PC cards!
of individual boards in it can be VERY tricky and require a very good
understanding of what was going on in the two-loop synthesizer.
Sandy W5TVW

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