New toys need manuals.

Gary Pewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Tue Aug 4 21:15:53 EDT 1998

Greetings fellow ba addicts.  I just received a very nice RBL-2
from Dick Dillman and a nice Valiant.  Dick versa-paked the
RBL which arrived without the slightest damage.  UPS did their
usual crunch job on the Valiant.  Smashed 4 tubes.  The bases were still in the sockets while the envelopes were all over the place.  Makes me think that they are more careful with their
own versa packed boxes.  Harder to squirm out of paying damages
when they do the packing and supply the box.
Anyway I now need manuals or good copies for both rigs.  I could also use one for my new-to-me Thunderbolt.  Happy to
pay any reasonable costs.

If anyone is accessing the internet with an older computer and
could use some more ram simms I have a bag of 4 meg 72 pin sims I will give out free for shipping charges.  Rules of Ware of
course.  How about 4 to a customer while they last.  I also have a couple of new 1.2 meg 5 1/4" floppy drives, same deal.

The more I see of the old mil gear the more I admire the
engineering and quality construction.  I wonder what it would
cost to manufacture an RBL (or any good mil rig) now?
I heard the last R-390A's cost as much as $32,000.00 each.
 Thanks and 73  Gary

Name: Gary Pewitt N9ZSV/KT
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      Milwaukee, WI  53223
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Date: 08/04/98
Time: 18:15:54


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