SB-34 Two for one special

George Maier gmaier at ULTRANET.COM
Thu Aug 6 15:12:01 EDT 1998

Boatanchor enthusiasts:

I have two SB-34's in very different condition, that will make one super
radio.  This rig meets the BA smell test as it's a hybrid radio, tube
driver & final but solid state elsewhere. Also, SBE was found by one of
the great BA designers, Faust Gonset.

#1 Is physically perfect; an easy 9.5 plus on a scale of ten.  The 80M
crystal is dead, the Tune - Operate switch is intermittent, and the
friction dial slips a bit.  Otherwise it seems to work ok.  Most of the
electrolytics have been replaced, and the DC supply was working when I
last tried it.

#2 Is a just the opposite.  It's physically a 4.5, but electrically,
everything works, and the drive doesn't slip.  Gomer repainted the
cabinet and changed the antenna connector; There are several scratches
on the front panel, and several knobs are less than perfect.

I had planned to marry the two, but other priorities have intervened.
I'll sell both for $200.00 plus UPS.  Extras include original manual and
spare tubes.

Thanks for the read !!

George - K1GXT

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