FS: Tube Tester $35

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Thu Aug 6 19:52:24 EDT 1998

CONAR Tube Tester, Model 223, with assembly and use manual.

Appears to me to be a tester part of a National Radio Institute course.
Seems to be well made/soldered.

Suitcase it is in is wood it seems covered with leatherette.  Very good
conditiion with a few scrapes but no tears or breaks.  Handle metal
hardware is rusty but the handle is fine and the latch for the case is
rust free.

The inside looks very good.  Shiny panel, near new looking knobs, slight
blemish /scrape on meter plastic cover which doesn't affect the use and
is not bothersome.

Original ILLUMINATED roll chart is dated 1971 and moves freely.  Update
manuals with dates of 1974 and 1978 are almost like new.  Has Compactron

Seems to work fine.  I tested a 8FQ7 which I pulled out of my tube box
at random and it's an easy and quick tester to use.

It will be 15-20 pounds to ship after I box it well.

$35 plus shipping from San Jose, CA area, ZIP 95070.

Will ship UPS COD if you pay the $5 COD fee.  Otherwise $35 + allowance
for shipping 20 pounds in a postal money order.  I will refund any
unused shipping.

Ian, K6SDE
San Jose, CA area

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