Inventory reduction sale - prefer good homes ;)

Mon Aug 10 04:21:36 EDT 1998


     Time to cull the herd.  Other things in my life have taken the time
radio used to, and I have these interesting pieces of equipment just
sitting - they need to be out there and being operated.  So - for sale,
the following pieces.  Price does NOT include shipping from 40475 -
     I shall be driving to Springfield, Illinois, on the Friday before
Labor Day, and would be happy to bring them along and meet that
or evening.  Going From Richmond, Kentucky, about 100 miles south of
Cincinnati, and will go by Lexington, KY, and then either Cincinnati,
Indianapolis, Champaign-Urbana, Springfield, or I-64 by Louisville,
Evansville, Ind., Mt. Vernon, Ill, and on up to Springfield.  Can meet
along that route if necessary - and would prefer that to trying to ship
the stuff.  Would also meet on south, down I-75 towards Knoxville a way
on different date, or east on I-64 towards Huntington, W Va ditto.  I
would of course prefer pick-up in Richmond, Kentucky.


Collins 75S-3, winged emblem. SN 14579. Two filters, SSB and CW.  Extra
  crystals for WARC bands and extra 10 meter ranges.  Very nice
  condition.  Original manual.  $700

Heath "Apache" TX-1, with SB-10 SSB Generator.  Stick-on letters on
  (call sign of guy who built the rig, K4CSG); otherwise good physical
  condition.  Combination was working excellently on both CW and SSB,
  never tried it on AM.  Inside, strap that connects grid tuning knob
  to grid tuning capacitor broke and needs replacing.  With manuals.
  Both for $100.
     No shipping.

Johnson "Ranger," aka "Ranger I," with newer keying circuit.  Never
  really tried on AM, but doing nicely on CW.  Nice physical condition,
  with manual copy.  $200

Johnson "Invader 200"  Decent physical condition, lower level problem
  (probably in lower oscillator circuit) as not working on all bands.
  Higher stages sound; about 150 watts out.  Slight modification: mike
  jack nicely mounted on front panel, lower right.  With manual.  $95
     No shipping.

Lettine 240 transmitter.  Plug-in coils, copy of manual.  Plate coils
  for 80-40-20-15-10; grid coils for 80-40-20.  Use 7 mHz grid coil for
  15 mtrs, same or 20 mtr grid coil for 10 mtrs.  $75

Harvey-Wells VFO, slant top to go with TBS-50 "Bandmaster" series trans-
  mitters.  Unused for about five years; decent physical condition.  $65

Knight VFO, with manual.  $50

Three DX-20's; two for parts, one should be working (one power xfrmr for

  the three).  $30

     Which leaves me with only four transmitters and four receivers to
somehow struggle along with  ;-).  Not as though I'll be entirely bereft
if all sell - and will still have good stuff for "CX."

     73,  Al  N5AIT
   modsteph at

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