Help, I am an electronics engineer and don't want to work on a f

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Tue Aug 11 16:40:05 EDT 1998

On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Cmos wrote:
>  About the only jobs around here are working on a farm,

> I do not want to move to the city, I can't stand the city, even if i
> did get payed alot more. I want to live here, even if I can't get

Hi Jim - It sounds as if your desire to stay home outweighs your desire
to work. Once you get desperate enough for a job, the rural lifestyle
will not seem so important. I never thought I'd leave my home beach town
of San Clemente (California) until I matured enough to realize that a
career is more important for survival than surfing. (And look where
I ended up - in Hawaii with a career I absolutely love!)

So what boatanchors are you running? I'm going to be building a
George Grammer designed Hartley xmtr (circuit appeared in a 1932
issue of QST; thanks to Bob Keys for his reproduction of the article
[with QST's permission]).

73, Jeff KH2PZ / KH6

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