Disk Cap help

Cmos cmos at SHOL.COM
Tue Aug 18 11:35:19 EDT 1998

>Need some help.
>I recently acquired a number of 0.01 mf disc caps. I am not sure what
>their voltage rating is, though size would indicate it is more than
>600 V.
>Markings on the cap are:
>.01 Z
-AU-  Not sure, maybe a company item or series number.
RMC  Not sure, maybe the companies logo or initials.
.01 Z      .01 uF      Z is the tolerance of +80% to -20%
Z5U    This is the temperature coefficient characteristics or curve.

Some of the characteristic curves can be found on:
>If my recollections are correct, the AU is a type designation which
>would identify voltage rating.
I am not sure if your right on that or not.
In most cases the voltage is not writen on disc caps.
If it is it is usly writen like, 50V, 100V, 500V, 1KV, 6KV, ect.
right on the cap. itself.
Maybe some one else can shed some light on the first two numbers.

Jim Martz,

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