FT: National NC-400

Wed Aug 19 22:09:38 EDT 1998

Hello Gang again!

        For trade or ???  National NC-400 receiver.  Dirty outside, front panel
OK but needs cleaning.  Inside: top of chassis needs cleaning, underside
looks OK.  Cabinet needs a repaint!  A few rusty spots on lid.  The cast
escutcheon and cast panel trim looks OK.  All original; knobs in pretty good
shape except the bandswitch knob has been repaired.  Fired it up and it
actually works on all bands!  Will need some alignment and adjustment
to make it right!  4H4 ballast is open (replaced with 6V6 for testing).  This
set is kind of a rare bird.  Looks like a Hammarlund receiver with plastic
surgery to me!
        This would be a decent receiver once restoration is done.  There
is provision for a calibrator, but calibrator is not plugged in.
        Would consider trades of a National NC-270 or a Hallicrafters SX-100
 receiver  complete and working with good cosmetics.

        I have no manual or copies of same on this set.
E. V. Sandy Blaize, W5TVW
"Boat Anchors collected, restored, repaired, traded and used!"
417 Ridgewood Drive
Metairie, LA., 70001

***Looking for a Hallicrafters SR-400, SR-75, SR-34******
*** Also surplus TRC-10 Transmitter/Receiver ******

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