Boat anchors on the qsl cards! Collins KWS1 new acq.

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. bratcher at PDQ.NET
Tue Aug 25 03:28:12 EDT 1998

At 07:58 PM 8/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
>We recenty got an several interesting additions for our ham radio exibit.
>The first being the KWS1 transmitter. Question: is the only proper rev. for
>this the 75a4, or was this transmitter around when the 75a3 was current? Also
>did any stations outfit  with a 51j4 as the recv. when they purchased the
>equipment new?

I saw them sold together for $1200 (the KWS-1 & 75A-4) but didn't buy them.
As to your questions I really don't know.

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