Buyers and Sellers

Bob Miller bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Tue Aug 25 22:39:25 EDT 1998

Hi Bruce,
    I am also interested in the behavior seen on the various newsgroups.
Nearly everyone that I have seen to date could be labeled in three ways:
1. Unrealistic Expectations--Seller thinks it's a cherry, pristine icon,
buyer thinks it a heap of buffalo dung; 2. Failure to respond or ship in a
timely manner as seen by an anxious buyer; 3. Buyer or seller remorse
(buyer really did not want the item or seller really wanted more for the
item listed).  I really doubt if any of these human behaviors will be
altered much on the NET.  I am actually amazed that there is so little
actual fraud on the newsgroups I frequent (essentially all ham radio
related) as this could be a real petri dish for the snake oil scamps.
    One nice thing about the net is the Dejanews historical archives and I
make it a point to read about folks I'm dealing with on the newsgroups.
Not so much for the self appointed muckrakers or guardians of proper
thought, but just to see if they have been actively engaged in amateur
radio related commerce for a reasonable period.  So far that's all I've
needed for reference.  I don't read the "Bad Guy" lists as nearly all of
them  are based on the three items I noted earlier in this little rant.
And if some one writes a rubber check, you can be sure that the recipient
will scan and paste that rascal all over the net.
    Perhaps I am just lucky or too naive, but so far the net has been a
nifty tool to buy and sell my toys and other junk (much to the dismay of
Passion Flower) and as you noted, if folks would mull their problems over
a bit more before jumping to the keyboard, things would get real boring on
the newsgroups.


    Bob Miller, KE6F

Bruce Sugarberg wrote:

> Gentlemen,
> I am alarmed by the fact that personal attacks are happening
> more and more often.  Yesterday alone, I saw postings on 3
> different incidents.  This is a serious matter, which deserves
> serious consideration.
> snipped>

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