FS Misc Junk

Stefan Bishay stefan00 at GTE.NET
Thu Aug 27 05:19:03 EDT 1998

Jennings vacuum cap, 100mmf, model W 100, voltage unknown, $10

Defib cap, great filter cap for that big linear, 34.8uf, 5.1kv. Very
compact, 6.75"h x 2.75"w x 1.75"t; $20

Filament xformer, oil filled, secondaries 2x 2.4v 10a

Knight-kit dip meter, not functional and missing back cover, but in
original box with manual, $8

2x Antenna, AN-69-A, military aircraft UHF dipole. These are unused with
tags and mounting hardware, but the connectors are damaged. Connectors
could be fixed easily, though. $6/ea or $10/both.

Plastic Capicators DC filter cap, oil filled, 15KVDC 1uf. Looks new, $25

DC amplifier, out of some test instrument. Dynamics Instrument model 6184.
Looks like a Tek 7000 series plugin; has an SS case! Pinout marked on
connector. $7

4x 4kv 4uf DC filter caps, $10/ea

Supreme model 333 radio analyzer, excellent condix, $50

Buyer pays shipping.

Stefan Bishay - KC7SJC
Seattle, WA
ICQ 2141646

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