trade heathkit HA-10 Warrior for SB-200/220

Lane C. Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Thu Aug 27 11:43:21 EDT 1998

I have a very nice HA-10 Warrior amp that is currently running four 572Bs
vice 811As. Power output is 900 watts with 100 watts drive. The only mod
other than the tube swap to the amp is I replaced the mercury vapor
rectifiers with K1AW 14kv 3 amp solid state bricks. No holes were drilled to
do this. They were mounted to the underside of the tube sockets that hold
the mercury rectifiers.

E reg. is outstanding. Ep unloaded is around 1650 and fully loaded only
drops to 1450 vdc and this is on 120 vac!!! BTW this amp will not run on
230/240. The plate xmfr is set up for 120 volt mains only.

I do have a copy of the manual. The overall cosmetics are very good to
excellent and electrically it is outstanding.

I would like to trade it for a nice SB-200 or SB-220 or possibly some other
amp. In order to keep the trade even I would take an SB220 w/o tubes, SB200
with tubes, etc...

San Diego

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