TV-14 info needed

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Sat Dec 5 20:35:00 EST 1998

TV-14: Tube type Cardmatic Transistor Tester!

I finally took a trip to The Secret BA WArehouse today.
Found a few things, brought a few things home. Left a few
things for next trip, as the car was full.

One of these items is a Transistor Tester, TV-14.(1967 contract)
Now before you yell "That aint no BA!", it is. It has
about a half dozen tubes in it. A tube type transistor
test, who would have thunk it, eh?

Description: Big. About the size of a Cardmatic!
In fact it uses cardmatic type cards!! I am sure there
is not a snowball's chance of finding any of those cards,
but if anyone knows, let me know. Interesting piece of
gear, I will eventually pick it up and bring it home just
for the curiosity of it.




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