Drake T4XB/R4B Info?

Ed Tanton n4xy at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Dec 9 00:54:50 EST 1998

Hi Stan... the first thing I'd do to try and get the knobs off would be to
try one of the penetrating oils... I'd point the T4 face down so the oil
could penetrate, give it some time... I suppose 10 min or so, THEN I'd try
and get it off. While you're waiting, you might try and construct a tool
that will apply even pressure behind the knob... what you want is the
equivalent of a squared-off U-shape of flat aluminum of steel that you have
carved a slot out of the bottom of the U. This will slide behind the knob,
with the slot passing the knob-shaft such that your U-shape applies fairly
even pressure behind the knob.

IF that doesn't work, your next best shot is to try reducing the
shaft-diameter somewhat. It is possible that freezing it via a directed,
lengthy spray of freeze-spray from at least 2 or 3 directions might shrink
that shaft enough to allow the knob to come off, using your U-shaped puller.

IF all this has failed, and everybody else's ideas have failed, you are
going to have to decide what you want: the knob, or the shaft and rig front
panel. Obviously that says the knob will have to come off in pieces. If you
have a Dremel/Moto-tool I'd use its composite blade to cut through the knob
to the shaft, at the rear of the knob (as best you can.) If you can slice
through it somewhat, without destroying the rest of the knob, you might
manage to get it off with a slice parallel to the shaft, all the way through
to the shaft. Bring that slice forward, and work on it several times,
forward each time, until it comes off. THEN you can fill the slice with
epoxy, sand and clean up the knob, and repaint it. Ought to work-if there's
enough knob at the edge to get at.

I'd surely be interested to hear what DID work, my suggestions, or anyone
else's. Good luck with it!!!

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