Old Batteries

Al Waschka awaschka at PALMNET.NET
Sat Dec 12 20:18:23 EST 1998

I acquired a Simpson 260 Series 5 meter here on the reflector.  The
previous owner (apparently selling items acquired in an auction) didn't
have a manual for it.  He did not know, and I am unable to determine,
what type of batteries are required to make the resistance measurement
work on anything except Rx1, which uses a single "D" cell.  The battery
space for the higher resistance scales is about the length and diameter
of two "AA" cells placed end to end.  I have a Simpson Series 3 manual
which calls out 4
"Z" cells at 1.5 volts for a total of 6 volts.  My Simpson 260 Series 6
uses a "D" cell and a 9 volt transistor battery.  Although the space
looks about right for 2 "AA"s, there is nothing to hold the batteries in

place.  Can anyone tell me what batteries are used in the Simpson 260
Series 5 and how they are retained?  If it uses "Z" cells like the
Series 3 are they available anywhere?  If not, what replacement options
are there, other than klugeing in 4 "AA"s or "AAA"s?

Thanks for the read and any help


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