[Hallicrafters] Chassis cleaning

John M Iverson jackiv at JUNO.COM
Tue Dec 15 10:00:05 EST 1998

Carl, this really good stuff, but it contains a compound which will
create havoc with some plastics especially polycarbonates, aka "lexan" .
so be carefu as to where the stuff is directed .happy holidays    jack
Jack Iverson    K0EWU    jackiv at juno.com

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998 09:35:58 -0500 Carl Hyde <carl.s.hyde at lmco.com>
>I am helping another Boat Anchor afficianado restore a sadly abused
>75S-1 that had a lot of crud in the chassis including various forms of
>capacitor leakage, dust and various insect remains.  To quickly clean
>the crap out of the top and underneath of the chassis I used a can of
>Valvoline Brake cleaning spray.  This stuff really worked great. It
>a plastic tube so it can be directed into crevices and it cleans
>oxidation, oil, dust and gunk from the components and didn't harm any
>the paint or lettering or parts.  It just flushes it out FB.  It will
>also do something with car brakes but I don't know what.  Chassis is
>and clean in a few minutes so we were able to start work on it.  Just
>thought I would pass it on.  Its available at auto supplies.
>Carl Hyde
>carl.s.hyde at lmco.com
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