Dyanamonsters and stuff for fun

Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Sun Dec 20 17:59:06 EST 1998

Hello Group,

With the recent interest in Dynamotors, I thought I  would attempt
to create something worth reading.  I am lucky enough to have
a shack separate of the house located out in the backyard.  My
wife decided we were going to have a stress free Christmas, so
she had a niece, nephew and grand daughter come stay with us.
Didn't sound very stress free to me.  At least I can excape to
my shack.

Though I have many unfinished projects, one that I have been setting
aside has been putting an old TCS back on line.  Would you believe
this old TCS was my first novice rig back in 1962.  I gave it
away in the mid 70's.  Found it again last summer.  Guy I gave
it to was more then happy to give it back.  It had been setting
in a storage shed for all this time.  Turned on my RAO receiver,
tuned to a CW QSO on 40 meters, cup of coffee in hand, I set back
and enjoyed.

I originally built an AC supply for it.  Never did make use of
the dynamotor supply.  So for fun, while hiding from snot noses,
I decided to overhaul the dynamotor supply.  The first thing I
discovered was the original bearing grease (Navy used a grease
called Andock C) had turned to rather crunchy chunks.

I first flicked out all the hardened grease and washed the bearings
out using regular kerosene (actually a colored lamp oil I had
handy).  Have some of those little brushes with the tubular metal
handles.  They came in handy for slopping in the kerosene and
softening up what was left of the original grease.  I also have
one of those little air compressors that I picked up at a garage
sale.  Perfect for blowing out the bearings.  I smeared in some
new high temp wheel bearing grease.

The first thing I had done was remove the brushes.  The dynamotor
set has had some hours on it.  I have no idea how many though.
The commutors were not wore down, but you could tell they had
time on them.  Using a piece of 400 grit sandpaper, my finger,
and a little pressure, the commutors are pretty nice and shiny.
There are still a few scratch marks from the brushes showing,
but I did not want to get too aggressive with just the 400 and
my finger.  This evening I will have to go out and hook up the
TCS and original dynamotor supply.  Going to be fun.  Which also
reminds me that RAO quit working last night.  OH BOY! More reasons
to head out to my shack.

Want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and lots of old radios
to work on.

73 Jim K7SLI

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