"1934 Thor RGH Super A.C." (electrified)

Wed Dec 23 11:23:53 EST 1998

Actually I didn't get the name right before as spelled out in the assembly
instructions. The correct name is: "1934 Thor RGH Super A.C.". The set was
designed by Robert G. Herzog and sold by Thor Radio Corp. at 167 Greenwich
St., New York as a partially assembled kit for $14.95. As you know Greenwich
St. was in an area of lower Manhattan known then as "radio row" which
encompassed several blocks of independently owned small stores selling radios,
kits, parts, surplus, and other radio related items. The Thor is an example of
many sets of that type that were designed and developed to be sold as an
inexpensive kit for the youthful experimenter-hobbyist caught up in the
excitement about the new short-wave craze. These sets were often already
obsolete or became so, soon after they came out by the rapidly emerging
technology of that day. Because they often used very simple mechanical
construction and circuit design and probably sold in low numbers it is
difficult to find surviving examples today. The Thor RGH Super AC is a self
contained 5 tube superhet using plug in coils. The tube line up is: 6A7-
converter, 58- IF, 57- 2nd. det., 6A5- audio output, and 80-rectifier. The
exposed chassis has a front panel only with "airplane" style main tuning dial
between the recessed, vertically mounted, front panel accessible, plug in
coils. Radiused covers attached to the back of the front panel give the
appearance of the coils in little "coves" when viewed from the front. There
are separate controls for Osc. and Det. in addition to the main tuning control
as well as a volume control with on-off switch. The chassis, front panel, and
coil covers are painted black crackle. According to a copy of advertising, a
dynamic speaker was available for an additional $2.50, and a matched set of
tubes for another $2.64. This set was a current restoration project by the
owner at the time he became a "silent key" and is apart now. I have checked
the parts against the parts list and found only the power transformer missing
which I am trying to identify. It is listed as type UM-4 and has 2.5v center
tapped filament, 5.0v rect., and center tapped sec. windings. From a picture
of the set, it is a small horizontal mount, covered unit. My question is does
any one recognize the manufacturer by the model no. given? Is it possibly an
Arkay or United part? I have decided the set should be finished to preserve
its history and have lovingly adopted it. My plan is to keep it as original as
possible. If anyone can supply any information about the above I would greatly
appreciate it. Thanks and 73, Greg Gore  WA1KBQ

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