Collins 75S-3C Receiver - eBay Discussion

Al Dolgosh al.dolgosh at HAMRADIO.ORG
Tue Dec 29 09:14:07 EST 1998

This thread should die an early death because everything has been said
many times over.

But, the statement was made that the item in question was "Mint".  As
many times as I read the listing, I can't find that word.  The seller
used the CCA description "upper Very Good to Excellent", not "Mint".  I
believe he has done a good job of describing the item - including

You can see for yourselves:

And....since the seller set a reserve price, if the bidding falls short,
he is not obligated to sell it to the highest bidder at close of
auction, but he can if he choses!  I think this is a perfect example of
the market determining the selling price, not the seller.  However, it
has been correctly stated that eBay does not represent the whole market
for this equipment.  The emotion of bidding sometimes leads buyers into
paying more than they intended - or would pay if they had only one offer
to make to the seller in a one-on-one buyer/seller relationship.

I will have to revalue my Collins equipment for insurance purposes if
this keeps up!

Al - K8EUR

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