Collins 75S-3C Receiver - eBay Discussion

Steve Harrison ko0u at OS.COM
Tue Dec 29 22:18:15 EST 1998

At 06:23 PM 12/29/98 -0800, Jim Berry wrote:
>HI Gang,
>What if WE have someone put something really stupid up for action.  Well
>heck it does not have to be stupid.  Lets say something that looks really
>clever.  I think most collectors are probably either interested in the name
>or the appearance and nothing else.  Lets say in the real world the
>"article" is worth $50.  WE put it up for auction on Ebay for $5000.  Some
>goof is actually willing to pay say $500 for it.  WE can take the $450 and
>buy Jack something really neat.

And then, what if WE also had our local investigative TV reporters watching
and reporting on the whole thing? Uhh... wait a minute... that might bring
too much attention to eBay...

How about starting with a real, honest-to-God RCA 807? Imagine... $500 for
an 807... HEY... I LIKE THIS! There's the name. There's the old appearance.
Mount it on a polished walnet base, hang a tiny lamp shade on it, and
awwwwaaaaayyy we GOES! Meet you guys in Rio next year?! Better yet, let's
go to Tokyo and find us some 75S3Cs!!

"Daddy, how did we become so rich?"

"I sold 807 lamps to collectors, son."

Bah, humbug... Steve Ko0U/1

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