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>        Going thru old crystals made me think: "Where did all the crystal
>makers go?"  Looking at all the manufacturers' names makes one wonder
>how many of the FT-243 crystals were actually produced!
>        Here is my list (so far):
>Monowatt Electric Corp.
>Carlisle Crystal Corp.
>M.P. Co.
>Harvey Radio, Cambridge, Mass.
>Quartz Products of New York
>Tedford Labs.
>Wonder Lite Co., W. Orange, NJ
>Daughetee Mfg. Co.
>Sherold, Kansas City, MO
>Bliley Mfg. Co., Erie, PA.
>Beaumont Electronic, Chicago, Ill.
>Telicon Corp., New York
>H.I., Inc.
>Cecor, Kansas City, Mo.
>B.E.S. Co.
>Ross Mfg.
>Electronic Products, Oakland, CA
>Standard Piezo
>Goodall Elect. Mfg. Co.
>Scientific Radio Co.
>Petersen Radio Co.
>S.C. Co.
>Monitor Co., Pasadena, Ca.
>Crystal Products, Kansas City, Mo.
>Westline Elec. Co., Los Angeles, CA
>As you can see, some familiar names, and not so familiar names!  Some
>of the "initials" companies....wonder who they were?  Where did all the
>manufacturing equipment go?  How many quartz blanks and empty
>FT-243 holders were destroyed or thrown away?  Boggles my mind.
>Sandy W5TVW

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