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Dick Blaney wb8mhe at BRIGHT.NET
Wed Dec 30 21:24:56 EST 1998

Hey Sandy, Peterson Radio is still alive and well.  I just ordered WARC band
xtals for my R4 from them.  Excellent quality, service, and priced like it
used to be 15 years ago.
Peterson Radio Co. Inc.
2735 Ave. A
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501
Phone (712)323-7539
Now there is a real oldtimer for ya.  A lot older than International,
Sentry, etc.  CW Crystals just quit advertising FT-243 crystals in ER about
a year ago.  I think they may have went out of business too.  While on the
subject, what happened to GW crystals, Universal Television Crystals, Texas
Crystals, Scientific Radio, Aireon Crystals, John Meck Crystals, CECOR
Crystals, C.T.&E. Crystals, to name a few I found in my "Ole Rock Pile".
Interesting.  There was an article with a partial listing of crystal makers
in ER about a year ago or so.  Big list.
73 de Dick, WB8MHE
wb8mhe at

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From: E. V. Sandy Blaize <ebjr at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
Date: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 12:58 PM
Subject: Crystal manufacturers

>        Going thru old crystals made me think: "Where did all the crystal
>makers go?"  Looking at all the manufacturers' names makes one wonder
>how many of the FT-243 crystals were actually produced!
>        Here is my list (so far):
>Monowatt Electric Corp.
>Carlisle Crystal Corp.
>M.P. Co.
>Harvey Radio, Cambridge, Mass.
>Quartz Products of New York
>Tedford Labs.
>Wonder Lite Co., W. Orange, NJ
>Daughetee Mfg. Co.
>Sherold, Kansas City, MO
>Bliley Mfg. Co., Erie, PA.
>Beaumont Electronic, Chicago, Ill.
>Telicon Corp., New York
>H.I., Inc.
>Cecor, Kansas City, Mo.
>B.E.S. Co.
>Ross Mfg.
>Electronic Products, Oakland, CA
>Standard Piezo
>Goodall Elect. Mfg. Co.
>Scientific Radio Co.
>Petersen Radio Co.
>S.C. Co.
>Monitor Co., Pasadena, Ca.
>Crystal Products, Kansas City, Mo.
>Westline Elec. Co., Los Angeles, CA
>As you can see, some familiar names, and not so familiar names!  Some
>of the "initials" companies....wonder who they were?  Where did all the
>manufacturing equipment go?  How many quartz blanks and empty
>FT-243 holders were destroyed or thrown away?  Boggles my mind.
>Sandy W5TVW
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