CX: You're not gonna believe this :(

Paul Carreiro, N6EV n6ev at BADGER1.NET
Sun Feb 1 20:39:35 EST 1998

Ok, there I am.. all ready to start CX.. everything in place.

I warm up the filaments on the SX-101 MkIII, HA-1 and Valiant for the first
round of QSOs.  Switch the 101 to receive and am immediately greeted with
great quality show tunes!  What that *%#$^@&!!  Switch to through all the
bands.. turn the dial.. same thing, no matter what I do.. show tunes!

At this point I start thinking to myself "this can't be happening.. everything
was working great just last night in pre-contest Qs".  I flip open the top
of the rig and look for something obvious.. tap here, tap there.. nada..
show tunes!

Obviously I'm picking up an AM BC station.. so I switch over to the modern
rig to find the culprit.  I swing through the BC band searching for those
ever increasingly irritating show tunes.  Finally found the perpetrator..
KGIL, "24 hours of Show Tunes", Costa Mesa, CA ..  1650 KC.  Hmmmmm.....

(Fellow SX-101 owners are probably cringing at this point)

1650.. hmm.. that sounds familiar.  Whip open the 101 schematic...
1650KC... 1st IF.  AAAARRRRGH!

They couldn't wait until AFTER CX to start up a new BC station in the expanded
portion of the BC band...  nooooo.. they had to pick THE day of CX.  Somebody
just shoot me now.  :(((((((((((((((((((

I'm sure I'm not the only SX-101 owner in the Los Angeles area, so I'm sure
there will be similar cries for mercy killing.. news at 11:00.  Anyone else
experience this?

Ok guys.. looks like this CX will be a bust for me.  But I need some crazy
ideas / solutions.  Top dollar paid for suggestions on getting the station
off the air  ;>.  I've entertained many fantasies that involve late night
ninja outfits and bolt cutters.  ;>

Seriously though.. I'm going to need some band rejection at the input.
Either a highpass or bandreject type filter.  Anyone out there have a design
in hand?  Any other suggestions?  I'm not crazy about modifying the 101
at all.  I need something outboard of the SO-239 input.

Any help would be vastly appreciated.  Like I said, don't think I'm the only
one in dire straights... and with the expanded BC band getting populated
throughout the country.. your 101 may be next to get hit.
Thanks in advance or any ideas / sympathy.
Paul  N6EV

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