AEA AT-300 Switch needed

Glueck glueck at AUSTIN.IBM.COM
Mon Feb 2 14:19:32 EST 1998

I got a 300 watt AEA Ant tuner at a swapfest which needs one of two inductor
switches, the one on the TRANSMITTER inductor (appears to be very much like
the other switch on ANTENNA side, but am not for sure).  This is a two wafer
switch that is bigger than the standard Centralab switch assemblies that are
reasonably plentiful.  The switch is burned up, probably from switching the
taps under power.  I had heard that AEA was absorbed by someone else, but do
not know who.  Parts may have been available from yet another source, as I

The unit is model AT-300 with cross-needle meter, three tuning knobs (two
switches and one tuning capacitor), and antenna selector switch plus a couple
of lesser switches to change meter power level and turn on lamp for meter.

If there are folks out there that knows where to get parts, please answer
to either my email address directly (glueck at - the preferred
approach - or to the list.

Howard Glueck / K5ZUA

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