FS:1956 CQ magazines -- $25.00 plus shipping

John E. Vercellino jvercellino at SPRYNET.COM
Thu Feb 5 20:05:29 EST 1998

I have Volume 12 (1956) of CQ magazine for sale.  All magazines are in very good
to excellent condition.  All have front and back covers, and there are no tears
anywhere.  I'd like $25.00 for the volume, plus shipping from the Chicago area.
It's a real kick reading the various ads in the magazines; it's for lots of the
same gear we're using now!

Here are some of the titles found in the issues.

Jan - "Hallicrafters HT31 Linear Amp", "The Mighty 50B5s (a three-tube
         transmitter project using three 50B5s)

Feb - "600 Watt P-P 813 Final Amplifier", "160 - Simple Transmitter"

Mar - "75 Meter Rotary Beam", "The Sunspot Story: Cycle 19 (Once in a lifetime

Apr - "New Class A2 Screen Modulator", "20 & 40 Meter Rotary Dipole"

May - "Grounded Grid in Full Dress", "The S-9er (plug in modification for
        improving entry-level and low-end receiver front-ends)"

Jun - "75 Meter 'Shorty' Ground Plane", "21-mc Preamplifier", "Signal Separation
        (article describing installation of Heath QF-1 in Halli S-40)

Jul - "Low Capacity Transformers for Grounded Grid Applications",
        "CW Filter Limiter"

Aug - "Improved S-9er", "20 Meter Capacity Hat Beam", "DX-100 Keying"

Sep - "Make Your Own Coax Switch", "BC348 Selectivity Improvements"

Oct - "DX100 Modifications", "Updating the Viking"

Nov - "CQ Reports on the Morrow MB560", "CQ Reports on the Viking Pacemaker"

Dec - "An Outboard S-Meter", "KWS-1 Modifications", "Bandspanning the Super Pro"

Please respond to jvercellino at sprynet.com.      73, John        WB9OVV

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