Info request on Central Electronics 100V

Buska d.buska at AAIATE.COM
Tue Feb 10 21:32:11 EST 1998

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 19:44:54 -0600, Bill Turner wrote:

>On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 00:31:54 -0800, Jan Axing <janax at>
>>Anything else I should know about this transmitter?
>Your question jogged the ol' memory bank.  There's a bit of history
>wrapped up in the 100V.  It was designed so that it transmitted upper
>sideband on 20-15-10, and lower sideband on 40-80.  That became the
>standard and continues to this day.  There is no technical reason to
>change from upper to lower on different bands, just "that's the way
>we've always done it".  Like the Centronics connector for printers,
>the company is gone but the legacy lingers on.
Bill, are you sure your thinking of the 100V?  The CE 100V can transmit on LSB,
USB, DSB, LSC (Lower sideband with carrier), USC, AM, PM, CW and FSK all
selectable on the front panel on any band.  I do remember that the Swan 350
was on of those rigs that had the USB on 20-15-10 and LSB on 40-80, but not
the ultimate Central Electronics 100V!


Don N9OO

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