US$ vs. Cash-Lite

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Sun Feb 15 22:39:15 EST 1998

Because of the excessive abuses of a few Canadian domains, I've
trashcanned every email I receive that has a From: address endong
in .ca (well, actually I've trashcanend everything that's NOT .edu,
.net, or .com but that's a different matter).

Anyway, I usually check my trash before I delete it -- and I read
the posts from the boatanchor list, regardless of their point of
origin.  And almost without exception, I see that our friends in the
Great White North (VE-ville) want to sell radios for American dollars.

I guess Canuck bucks aren't good enough.

Gee, what do you suppose would happen if, at the next swap fest, I refused
to accept the local currency and instead demanded CAN$ or Mexican pesos?
Since I live in Texas, I expect I could sell a LOT of <ahem, cough> 10-meter
equipment for pesos, but there might be only one other person in the crowd
besides me who'd ever even SEEN a maple-leaf penny.

My point -- I don't have a problem with international sales of collectible
radios.  But to live outside the U.S. and to demand ONLY U.S. funds in payment
stinks pretty bad in my book -- even worse than DX stations that demand
"green stamps" ad define them not as IRCs but as U.S. dollars.  (You can
still go to the Federal penitentiary if you QSL direct a Cuban station that
way, at least stateside.)

For my peace of mind, if you're Canadian, would you mention in your
sale ads this phrase: "or equivalent CAN$"  ?   I don't even expect
you to multiply US$ x 1.2 for the mathematically challenged among us.

Jim in Texas, where money from anywhere is good enough for us

Jim Strohm
jstrohm at

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