Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at AENEAS.NET
Wed Feb 18 12:57:08 EST 1998

>>Also, on this radio I notice if you touch the volume pot and the chasis at
>>the same time you get a shock...  Hmmmm..    Can someone tell me where to
>>look for this problem?
>Fun little radio. re the shock: try reversing the AC plug to bring the
>chassis/case to neutral. I believe the case was supposed to be isolated,
>but can't remember now.
>73 de N7KV (kevin)
Nope!  It wasn't!.... and Sean isn't the only one that got "tickled" by some
AC while touching the cabinet......Like I did while standing on concrete
with bare feet, as a youth!!!

Best to replace the line cord with the three pronged plugs and ground the
chassis/cabinet to the ground lug on the wall plug (making sure you've only
got that and the hot side of the plug connected to the unit to supply AC to
the S-38.  The third prong is left unwired.  See my other message regarding
the wall plug grounding receptacle.

Rod, N5HV
w5hvv at aeneas.net

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