Monitor Scope from Mac Plus?

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at AENEAS.NET
Wed Feb 18 15:58:15 EST 1998

Being a confirmed Mac Freak, I have accumulated a number of the
lil darlins over the years.... some of which are the ol' Mac Plus
and Mac SE variety.  Having more of them than I really need (along
with my SE-30/21" Radius Monitor, Classic II, and 6500/250) I had
a sneaky thought!  Is it possible to modify one of the good but
unused Mac Pluses to become a monitor for my transmitted waveshape?
I am sure there are some geneii (spelling for plural?) out there
in Ham-Mac land that would know just what to do to make the Mac Plus
into a super lil monitor scope with a BIG presentation of the
trapezoidal or whatever waveform of my HF transmitted signal on SSB
(or AM if I can ever find a mint condx Collins 32V3, again!).

What say, you Mac afficienados that have the background to do such
things!  Maybe there will be a use for these venerable ol' darlins,

Rod, N5HV
w5hvv at

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