[Ham-Mac] Monitor Scope from Mac Plus?

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Wed Feb 18 18:29:32 EST 1998

cwest at xmission.com writes:

>After 10 years at Apple (1985 to 1995) *I* ought to be the one
>to tell y'all how to do it.  The question is; do you want it
>analog or digital?

I'd like to see a generically applicable technique attainable
with junkbox parts.  For most of us, that means analog, but
hams are easily trained to do new tricks if given enough 807s.

If I had to, I could probably do it with a Motorola 96002 32-bit
floating-point DSP, but that's WAY WAY overkill.  I'd prefer
to see something with nothing more gee-whiz than a MAR-6,
an 8-bit A/D, and NO software involved (hardwired signal
lines are OK, as is a little TTL glue logic).


Jim Strohm
jstrohm at texas.net

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