Monitor Scope from Mac Plus?

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at AENEAS.NET
Wed Feb 18 23:28:00 EST 1998

>>The frequency's involved are much higher than the MAC can handel. It would
>>take a verry fast DSP connected to that MAC to digitize the RF and present
>>it to you as a waveform and the MAC most likely could not handle the task
>>in real time.
>I think the object here would have nothing to do with the computer
>per se, but just the CRT circuitry.  The idea would be simply to make
>the cute little CRT and case into a homemade O'scope, building the
>appropriate Horiz and Vert amplifier and RF sniffing tap.
That was my thought, as well, Dave.... but as a retired engineer that was
dormant in amateur radio for over 20 years before "coming alive" again in
retirement and as an engineer that got shoved into paperwork during the
last 13 years of my career, I've lost the "edge" I once had (if I had it!).

It seems though, that if I could cause the sweep to vary within reason for
audio presentation and then get the vertical to respond to detected RF,
I would have what I want.  Is that reasonable?  I'm asking because I am
no longer competent in those matters.

Rod, N5HV

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