Central Electronics 100V at home

Jan Axing janax at ALGONET.SE
Sat Feb 21 03:50:31 EST 1998

Hi again,

Well, the TX is at home now and my back is still good :), it's heavy!
There is no need to undo a 6146->6550 mod, the seller told me wrong.
In it is a pair fresh, well matched Tung-Sol 6550's. Now the audiophiles
will place my house under siege... I believe Tung-Sol is THE 6550.

Looks is good, only a chipping near the magnet to the right lid.
The mic connector has been replaced with a 4 pin.
The rectifiers have been replaced with Sarkes-Tarzian silicon plugins.
All modules are in place. Batteries in the limiter replaced last year.
No 160 meter, the X band is unused.
Serial number is 366.
Modification Kit "A" installed.
This unit was imported new from US and I have all docs and correspon-
dence from the original owner (not the seller).
Scope tube a little worn.
I guess I stuck gold this time...

Now a question, did the scope have a graticule? Mine has none.
If it should have one, I'll need to obtain one or get someone to
copy his/hers so I can make a replica.


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