Chippewa a Real Boatanchor

Gary Pewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Tue Feb 24 00:23:36 EST 1998

Well I made the trip and picked up my $300.00 Chippewa.
If you ever wondered how far it is around lake Michigan
it's 940 miles and 16 hours on the road. I'm getting too old for this.
The chippy has been heavily modified but no exterior damage
at all.  It still has the 2 4-400A's and I got another pair of NOS finals with it. It has been converted to grounded grid by the first owner.  I'm number 3.  The second owner completely re-wired the power supply and fixed
the bad wiring job.  It has replacement meters which are
probably much better quality than the originals from
Heath but they are hermetically sealed and I can't make
new faces for them.  The 866's have been replaced with
two "tubsters" marked 1N2637 10400piv SEMICON.
Hope they never go out 'cause I doubt I'll ever find any
more.  I'll have to look it over really carefully and
decide what I want to do with it.  I am in the market for
some original meters and I'm sure I'll need some other parts.  I'd like to find all the Heath mods and any
articles about fixing one up.  I am going to get the
ER magazines with the chippy write up.
Why did so many people do the grounded grid mod?  I guess
it's not so bad since Heath made the Warrior grounded grid.
So, as always, I would be grateful for information, suggestions, advice, war stories, parts, etc..
 Thanks and 73  Gary
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Date: 02/23/98
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