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Steve Harrison ko0u at OS.COM
Sun Jul 5 21:12:51 EDT 1998

Slightly-edited version of a personal reply to Ed Tanton:

At 10:27 PM 07/04/98 -0400, Ed Tanton wrote:
>Does it belong here? Yes it probably does... Is it probably stretching the
>list criteria a bit? Also, YES it is... but as a 'WTB', I think we should
>be less stringent on our BA listing parameters.
>I recently opted for a near-future purchase of an FT-101-EE and stuff, and
>there were several statements made that it didn't belong on any BA
>listing-nor did any Japanese equipment. I could not disagree more.
>I would LOVE to own an operating Japanese WW2 rcvr (or German)... and the
>NRD-515 is one of THE classis rcvrs (I'd REALLY LOVE to find one for
>sale)... yet-although entirely solid state-it is hardly 'modern'.
>I think we are going to have to come to terms with the definition of a BA
>being on a sliding scale, with the passing of time doing the sliding.

But on 22 June, KH2PZ wrote:

>That gear is classified as "vintage solid state," not BA.
>It has its own e-list.
>Jeff KH2PZ

Unfortunately, it appears that the Vintage-Solid-State reflector is
defunct. At least, my subscription requests have been returned undelivered.

Personally, I like vintage radios, whether solid-state or tubes. However,
the charter of the BA list, which all of us received when we subscribed,
includes the following:

"The purpose of this list is for selling, buying and trading of tube type ham
equipment and items reasonably associated with such older, tube type gear.
Within reason this includes a instances of audio equipment and domestic
broadcast equipment. Associated items includes parts, tubes, manuals,   books,
magazines are welcome. If a list of  "ba" items is being posted, the
of a piece of solid state gear, is acceptable."

There it is, in black and white: the BA list is primarily for tube gear
with only exceptional circumstances excusing the listing of solid-state
gear. In my mind, *even though I, too, like vintage solid-state as well as
tube*, the discussion of solid-state gear does NOT fit the charter.

Unfotunately, the charter makes no allowance for simple discussion of BA
gear, stating explicitly that this is intended to be simply a BA "for-sale"
list. I have a bone with that, but won't bring it up here. Such discussions
have taken place in the past with little or no objection by any of the
subscribers or the sysop.

It's unfortunate that the VSS list is defunct (if it's true); but I don't
feel that even that fact is a valid excuse for bringing solid-state onto
the BA list.

This situation reminds me of what has happened to the W6YX VHF Weak-Signal
reflector. That reflector's charter states very clearly that only V/UHF
weak-signal issues are permissible topics of discussion; FM, packet, and
satellite is not acceptable. But a little over a year ago, two ham magazine
columnists published the W6YX reflector subscription information in their
respective magazine's V/UHF columns and apparently failed to make it
perfectly clear that W6YX is NOT the vehicle for non-weak-signal topics. As
a result, everyone and his brother with an HT or a "base radio" promptly
jumped onto the W6YX bandwagon, almost completely overwhelming the original
weak-signal subscribers and otherwise obtusing the actual purpose of the
W6YX reflector. W6YX quickly went the way of the 10 meter ham band: it
became overwhelmed with all kinds of topics that have nothing to do with
weak-signal. As a result, many serious weak-signal operators have dropped
the W6YX reflector, shifting discussions to another reflector which sysop
is a little more watchful (he's already thrown off at least two
non-conforming folk of which I'm aware).

I would really hate to see that happen to this BA reflector. Because I've
gone through this kind of thing before and have seen how quickly an
otherwise-peaceful and highly-useful reflector can turn into a yelling,
shouting, flaming mass of finger-pointing and name-calling, I have to
reluctantly, but firmly, issue my support for conformation with the
original charter which makes little or no room for vintage solid-state. If
the charter were to be changed, that would be a different matter.

The law's the law; just because nobody seems to be around to watch you skip
through a red light doesn't make it right for you to do so. That's the
direction toward anarchy and chaos, such as what has happened on W6YX.
Let's not let the BA reflector go out the same way.

Meanwhile, I sincerely hope that there is enough interest in vintage
solid-state that the old VSS reflector might be resurrected.

73, Steve Ko0U/1
(a relatively-new, but wholly-enthusiastic supporter of the BA reflector as
it is intended to be)

P.S. I did some reading in the BA Archives last night, and ran across a
posting from our Sysop, Dave, AI7R, where he encourages us to discuss, not
merely buy, sell and trade, Boatanchors. So essentially, it seems that ANY
discussion about tube-type BAs is OK here.

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