Possible new list for VSS? from Admin

Sun Jul 5 23:34:22 EDT 1998

Steve said...:
:P.S. I did some reading in the BA Archives last night, and ran across a
:posting from our Sysop, Dave, AI7R, where he encourages us to discuss, not
:merely buy, sell and trade, Boatanchors. So essentially, it seems that ANY
:discussion about tube-type BAs is OK here.

He is correct...all three equipment lists are the same...nice and simple.
Of course Heath and Collins is easier since there is a label on the radio
telling you it belongs on the list.  BAs are a little harder...soo....

It sounds like there needs to be a home for a list called VSS, or Vintage
Solid State.  To this day I'm not sure how I've gotten away with putting 5
ham lists on the Listserver I maintain as it is....

However...if there is an interest, and someone who would volunteer to
maintain it (watch the errors and delete users whos e-mail address goes away
mainly) then I think we might be able to slip another one on the server.

My guess is that it should deal with everything and anything manufactured
before 30 years ago...or some particular number of years.  In 30 years
FT-1000s will be BAs...and then I might be able to afford one. (grin)

Anyhow, give me some feedback on the need and if it looks like enough people
want it, then I'll start it up.  My magic number is 100+.  Send a message to
webmaster at tempe.gov and in the subject line put VSS and I'll report back
here next week and let you know the outcome...or announce the new list.

Sound fair?



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