Boatanchors and 'other countries' gear plus looking for manual info

Chuck K3FT k3ft at EROLS.COM
Tue Jul 7 17:15:13 EDT 1998

Let's face it, folks. Prior to the US selling out and giving our manufacturing base to
the overseas interests, ALL you have access to for a diverse and wide ranging equipment
choice was the US. That's why the pre 1970's stuff is mostly (with some pleasant
exceptions of the English and German stuff) US made and engineered.  Since the 70's, the
japanese and the rest took our production edge and mass produced, improved, and 'gave us
what we wanted' for features and things. We bought it and the cycle grew. That's
why the market shifted and the overseas interests dominate. Simple. I don't like seeing
the overseas invasion but look at it this way.. after a few years EVERYTHING becomes a
'boatanchor' in one respect or another. Perseonally, I LOVE the 'glow in the dark' stuff
- have old Heath stuff here, myself!  Thankfully, the US is making SOME stuff, but it's
like pitting a Volkswagen against a Ferrari. They'll both get you to your destination,
but one has a whole lot more pizzazz than the other!

Sorry to waste the bandwidth on a 'non boatanchor hardware issue'.  Speaking of which..

Does anyone have any idea where I might locate sources for manuals for OLD (and I'm
talking BC-340 series receiver OLD!) military receivers such as SP-600 (early sernos)
and the BC series stuff?


Chuck K3FT
k3ft at

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