New Tempe (Radio) list available

Tue Jul 7 22:41:02 EDT 1998

Hi all...

Well, there seems to be a need for one more list.  We cover Heath, Collins,
and BAs, but what about the "twilight gear".  This is the old radio that
doesn't fit the above three?

Announcing the Vintage Solid State list  or VSS(replacing the one that
vanished on another system)

To subscribe use the instructions at the bottom of any Tempe list posting
but the list name is VSS.

The difference between Boatanchors and VSS follow and postings should be
made to the list that the gear fits:

+++Boatanchors are over 30 years old and have 4 or more tubes.

+++VSS (Vintage Solid State) is over 20 years old and has 3 or less tubes.

This is mostly to help keep the BA list clean and provide an outlet for the
rest of the gear.  I think it's all covered here, as usual, enjoy.



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