F/S SB-670 Antenna Tuner

George Maier gmaier at ULTRANET.COM
Wed Jul 15 23:06:58 EDT 1998

Heathkit Collectors:

I have for sale an SB-670 antenna tuner.  If you have not heard of it,
don't be surprised, it is a prototype that never went to market.  The
SB-670 was designed to coordinate with the SB-104/A, SB-614, and SB-230
station.  It is in the same type of cabinet as the SB104, has the same
black plastic strip accross the front, and black aluminum trim.  Readers
of Electric Radio can see photos of it on pages 24 & 25 of the May 1996

This is perhaps one of two that are known to exist.  It is unique in
that the silk screen on the back panel is reversed.  Otherwise, it is
pristeen, works as designed, and has been my only tuner for the last ten
years.  I feel it would be better in the hands of a serious Heath
collector than in my shack with only an SB614 to keep it company.

The asking price is $395.00 FOB destination, UPS Surface, CONUS, bank or
postal money order.  There is no documentation, as there was none.  Will
consider equally clean AT-1 as partial trade.

BTW, the  SB-614 is also for sale.  Very clean, with manual, $100.00
plus shipping.

73's & Thanks for the read

George  - K1GXT

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