FS: Viking 500

Fri Jul 17 20:31:55 EDT 1998

        Decision has been hard!  I anticipate moving some time this year and
need to lighten the load.  I am offering this first to the "reflector" groups
before I go to an eBay auction.

        Johnson Viking 500, working transmitter.  Cosmetically I'd say an 8.
No extra holes.  Front panel looks good.  One small hairline scratch about
3" long upper left corner next to VFO escutcheon.  All knobs original.
Homebrewed interconnecting cable (modulator/supply to RF unit.)  All
HV (2kv.) wiring has been replaced.  Has new electrolytics.  Presently
has a 4-400B installed in it that was brand new but had a missing screen
grid pin (there are two s.g. pins!)  This tube works perfect.  Have a spare
4-250 with graphite anode that goes with the rig.  Have an original manual
with it.  It also has the usual wear on the corners of the panel and cabinet.
        I'm accepting best offers over $1200 where is, as is.  (You may have
heard it on the air!)  I prefer buyer to pick it up as shipping will be very
expensive and also difficult.  I've thought about this for some time and those
of you that have dealt with me know I'm not trying to make a fortune on this
E. V. Sandy Blaize, W5TVW
"Boat Anchors collected, restored, repaired, traded and used!"
417 Ridgewood Drive
Metairie, LA., 70001

***Looking for a Hallicrafters SR-400, SR-75, SR-34******
*** TRC-10 transceiver, and an RAL receiver ******

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