Slidell, LA hamfest

Sat Jul 18 17:06:12 EDT 1998

        Seen to day at Slidell...

        A few BA's.
        Drake 2BQ cabinet scuffed, needed paint knob rings rusty-followed
K5HLR, Joe home for $40.  (If he didn't take it I was gonna!)
        HQ-110 fair looking for $110
        Drake TR4B/R4B for $300
        RBL receiver scruffy but all there for $10 (I have too much iron now!
wished it had been an RAL!)
        Heathkit linearity pattern generator-$5
        Simpson Sweep-Marker generator (old type with two big glass dials)-$10
        Some H-P VTVM's for $10 each.
        Various other old test equipment I really wasn't interested in.
        A raft of various tubes at $2 each.  (I got to them too late.
Choice items picked over!)
        Other odds and ends.  Nothing spectacular.  A "dealer" selling tubes
for less than AES prices but nevertheless "premium" prices.
        I left with just a very small variable inductor out of something.  The
coil is 1-1/4" od and 2" long and is 95 uhy. at max inductance and less than
.5 uhy at minimum indurctance.  One of those mechinisms that winds and
unwinds its own coil....$5.  (Will make a nice compact QRP antenna tuner!)
        Saw Keith KK5FE, and Jake KK5HY looking for boat anchors.  Keith
picked up a very nice E-V 664 mike very reasonable.
Sandy W5TVW

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